Licensing Legends & Icons

Expert Witness Services

Managing, Marketing, Protecting & Valuing Intellectual Property Assets

Luminary Group is home to some of the greatest legends of all time: Babe Ruth, Vince Lombardi, Jesse Owens, Major Taylor, Satchel Paige, Johnny Unitas, John Wooden, & others. Luminary Group provides full-service intellectual property licensing and consulting services. We promote and protect our clients, and we get results. We also provide expert witness services and valuations at the highest levels throughout the United States. Luminary Group serves as media commentators on celebrities in litigation and legal or legislative matters. 

what services do we provide?

Luminary Group’s core services consist of full-service licensing, marketing, asset optimization, policing, and expert witness valuations.

What kind of clients do we work with?

Luminary Group’s clients are some of the most celebrated personalities of all time.  Our clients are also proven partners in the advertising and licensing realm due to our clients’ reputation, accomplishments and recognizability.  Luminary Group’s clients bring credibility, traction, and value to our partners in the manufacturing, advertising, promotions and licensing industries.